Yuri Zmorovich

Field of my existence — is primary sound, primory color, primatry image. Indeed — utopian attempt to manifest desire for the LIFE-SIGN thin sharp border.
This is not Life in Sign, but — Life in its iridescent polymorphousness which washes ashore a fragment or a sliver, or a reflection of its redundant greatness and immensity.


Yuri Zmorovich. Born in Kiev. Artist, sculptor, poet, musician, stage director. Studied in Kiev State Arts Institute (faculty of architecture and cultorology) and Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography. Worked in Museum of Folk and Family Life Architecture of Ukraine, in Kievnauchfilm studio, Centrenauchfilm (Moscow), Ecran (Moscow), REN-TV (Moscow) as script writer and stage director. Created AAA Kiev Theatre. His poetry is published in literary journals: , һ, and , in Anthology of Russian Vers-libres, almanac, . . 20 anthology.