Tim Gaze, Eugene . Kharitonov (EugeneKha)
ASEMICBIENT (Asemic Writing and ambient Soundscapes)


Asemic writing attracts authors because of its multi-variability, semantic polyphony and pliant merging with other forms and formats. About a year and a half ago, the authors came to understanding of plasticity and animated nature of asemic writings. The idea followed to create a series of live asemic writing. Oddly enough, the hardest part of the task was to hear these writings and find the right sound. Abstract painting has its own melody, but it is important to listen to it. As the result, the authors have created a new vizul-musical direction — asemic ambient. In the future the project Acemicbient will be continued — Eugene V. Kharitonov plans to give voice to more works of visual poetry.


Eugene V. Kharitonov. Born in 1969. Poet, philologist, (stage name - EugeneKha). Author of numerous publications, several poetry books, monographs, albums of sound poetry and experimental music. Chief-editor of the Another Hemisphere avant-garde journal, curator of festivals of experimental poetry.
Tim Gaze. Australian poet, visual artist, editor and publisher of journals of experimental poetry. Tim creates visual poetry and researches the area of illegible writing, known as asemic writing. Tim believes that visual poetry and sound poetry can transcend languages, and even go beyond writing systems. He is exploring what is human, and what is confined to particular areas of language or writing culture. He believes that, by hooking up abstract comics, asemic writing and other non-verbal methods of communication, we can begin to build a global writing culture.