Anna Tolkacheva
swing swung

I am more interested in text's appearence in new dimension, rather than creation of videoclip as such. I define videopoetry as two-dimensional interaction with poetry, not just its illustration. In any case, it shoild be an integral work.
Here I present just one side of comprehension of video-poetry, the one concerning a direct synthesis of text and video. In the majority of my works, I use my own texts, and the text is inseparable from its representation. From the very beginning, a work is created as the whole. When I work with texts of other authors, I try to create a separate line of interaction of videoclip with original text, through words represented on a screen, one way or another.

Anna Tolkacheva. Born in 1985 in Gorky (Nizhniy Novgorod). Graduated from Computer department of NNSU.
Since 2008 she works in contemporary arts, a member of art group АIII. A participant and co-organizer of a number of exhibitions in Nizhniy Novgorod. Interests: video-art, media-art, media-, video-poetry.
Participant of a number of exhibitions in Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow, Perm, StPetersburg, New York, Sydney and Chelyabinsk.
Participant of poetry festivals: Стрелка (2010, 2012, Нижний Новгород), Речет (2009, 2010, 2011, Мочальный остров, Нижний Новгород); Молодой литератор (2010, Кстово), SlovoNova (2010, 2011, Пермь); Фестиваль Верлибра (2011, Нижний Новгород); Поребрик (2011, Санкт Петербург); Авант (2012, Нижний Новгород, Москва); Голоса (Чебоксары, 2012).
Video-poetry was presented on festivals: Вентилятор (Санкт-Петербург, 2009); Рифмология (Кстово, 2010, 2011); Пятая Нога (Москва, 2010, 2011); СловоНова (Пермь, 2010, 2011; «Свобода» — приз зрительских симпатий); Лонг лист премии Курехина (2011); 34 Московский Международный Кинофестиваль (специальная программа видеопоэзии, 2012, Москва).
A series of media- and video-works, together with works of Mexican video-poets, were presented in Cervantes Centre (Moscow, 2012).