Marco Giovenale
three pages from Asemic Encyclopaedia

these three pages of my unending Asemic Encyclopaedia deal with the natural architecture of circles and spheres.

(real or unreal) nature is asemic too, and here is my interpretation of how verbovisual and natural forms cross one anothers codes.


Marco Giovenale lives and works in Rome. Hes editor of, and He's also a contributor of 'Or' (Otis College of Arts and Design, Los Angeles), and other mags and sites. His most recent books of (linear) poems in Italian are In rebus (Zona, 2012) and Shelter (Donzelli, 2010). His artbooks are Sibille asemantiche (La camera verde, 2008); and, under the name of Differx, these four e-chaps published by Vugg Books: aweapon (2008), Severe red (2010), unrelated | undepicted | (diptychs) (2010), septemware (2011). Asemic sibyls and visual works are also in Nazione indiana, Sleepingfish,, Fieralingue, Otoliths, Tip of the knife (issue 7), The Bleed (issue 0.2), Experiment-o (issue 4), Rem (issue 2), Moria and in the Anthology Spidertangle edited by Miekal And (Xexoxial Editions, 2009). New asemic works by MG are in the chapbook published in Dan Wabers series 'This Is Visual Poetry', in September 2011: Asemic sibyls are in The Last Vispo Anthology (1998-2008), edited by C.Hill and N.Vassilakis, Fantagraphics books, 2012. A gunless tea, collection of 23 fragments, was published for the 2007 Dusi/e-chap project ( Poems and critical pieces have been published in Aufgabe, #7, 2008, guest edited by J. Scappettone for Litmus Press. The prose CDK was published in 2009 as a chapbook and free e-book by Tir aux pigeons, thanks to D. Kunz. In 2010 MG created the webpage du-champ, and the idea and practice called installance. An interview with the mag 3AM (thanks to S. Fowler) can be read at More: here.