Alexander Zhukov
3146 digits of number PI

The number PI is surprisingly irrational and amazingly transcendental. It serves a wonderful base both for expansion into series and for rhymed lines. A reason, a circle, a sphere and a regular polyhedron are all measured by the number PI. If some polyhedrons are not measured by PI, it only means they are irregular and dont reserve to be measured by PI! There are poems where decimal representation of PI is hidden in the first letters of the words. There are PIeces of music for memorizing thousand of decimals of PI, and they are performed not PIanissimo! There are portraits and landscapes drawn on PI.
The image Digits of number PI is created with a help of computer program working on a text file 1000000 sign of pi.txt, the text file is presented on web-site By pressing the button + the next 13 digits of the number Pi are added to the image. These digits are represented by a colored segment with abscisses and ordinates of its ends defined by 3 digits each, and color defined by the 13th digit. Mode of screen pen is pmNot. Width of each segment is 20 pixels.


Alexander Zhukov (1955-2011). Mathematician, teacher, artist. Candidate of Technical Sciences. In 1998-2008 he wrote for young readers of journal, since 2010 the journal. Lector of the Moscow Children's Club . Author of books: Encyclopedia for Children (co-author, 1998), Delphi (2000), Ȼ (2002), : (co-author; 2012), Ȼ (2004, 2009, 2012), : (2012).