HAEL YXXS (Leipzig)

With the program THE MAGIC PIWORLD (JVShmidt, HAEL YXXS) the artist creates a graphic structure, that can be transformed into a midi-sequence, using the amazing GRAPHIC COMPOSER by Jürgen Lange. A single tone is characterized by three parameters: the pause before the tone starts, the pitch of the tone and the duration of the tone. These three parameters are taken from the digit succession of Pi.
Drawing more than one tone related to the same starting point we are able to create the pi-phony for up to 24 voices.

A part of the score of Pi-phony for 14 voices:

You can hear the beginning of Pi-phony for 3 voices here.
You can hear the beginning of Pi-phony for 14 voices here.

Published on HAEL YXXS site.