Tim Gaze
Australian poet, visual artist, editor
and publisher of journals of experimental poetry

In the '90s, Tim wrote experimental short fiction and poetry, and published four issues of *rrat* literary magazine.
Some examples of that stage of his creativity can be seen at:

Some of his stories are included in the *Paroxysm* anthology (Paroxysm Press, Adelaide, 1998)

More recently, Tim is creating visual poetry and researching the area of illegible writing, known as asemic writing.
Examples of his recent work:

Also, he records sound poetry and simple electronic soundscapes:

Tim believes that visual poetry and sound poetry can transcend languages, and even go beyond writing systems. He is exploring what is human, and what is confined to particular areas of language or writing culture. He believes that, by hooking up abstract comics, asemic writing and other non-verbal methods of communication, we can begin to build a global writing culture.