Anton Ageev

The artist is able to skillfully convey, sometimes using photographic equipment, similar impressions for the objects of nature, thus approaching the desired feeling of the painting, as painting is not just an ability to embody visually (with paints) visible phenomena of the real world (on canvas), but also strive to express abstract ideas, artistically reflect and interpret reality.

The artist can also, sometimes using photographic equipment, achieve the transfer of artistic and expressive means of sculpture, feel the construction of three-dimensional shape (in stone), the plastic modeling (in clay), the development of the silhouette and texture of natural materials.

The artist certainly accept, sometimes using photographic equipment, calligraphic sharp, high contrast line drawing, and appreciate art graphics (in nature), which is based on the line (by pen), and the contrast of black and white which can be filled with a special relation of the depicted object to space and a white sheet.

The artist will read between the photographic film the freedom and flexibility of subjectual variations in the natural space, although the film does not have the fullness of opportunities, such as painting, to create spatial illusion of the real world.

The artist will feel excessive photographic thoroughness of volumetric-spatial construction, thorough photo-affected studying nature he would mannered grainy photo-structure and pretentiousness photo-texture of an object.

The artist, sometimes using photographic equipment, may be limited to a cursory impression, conditional (blurred) designation of an object or a hint of an object (under-exposed frame), referring to imagination of the viewer.




Anton Ageev. Born in Moscow in 1974. Artist, calligrapher, designer.
1992 - graduated from USSR State Institute for Advanced Training in Cinematography. Worked at the Animation Studios "Soyuzmultfilm" in Moscow.
2001 - graduated from the Peoples' Friendship University, Engineering Faculty, Master Degree.
2008 - Calligraphy of the Dance. Fiery Flamenco" exhibition.
2007 - participated in exhibition "Birth" at the Center for Contemporary Art named after A.Zverev.
2007 - won first place in the Calligraphy Competition under chairmanship of Japanese calligrapher Ryuseki Morimoto.
August 2001, January 2002, March 2002 poetry publications in Yunost' (Youth) literary journal.
Internet publications: blog in LiveJournal: