Sergey Kovalsky



KOVALSKY Sergei. Traveler, artist, poet. Born in 1948 in Leningrad. In the late 1960s he started his professional painting and literatary engagements. In 1969 he begans to develop the trend of Metaelementalism in visual art as the transformation of sound into color by the counter-collage technology. From the early 1980s he develops his second artustic trend: social folk-art . The author of the PARALLELOSPHERE concept: the self-reproducing and self-developing kinetic object of contemporary culture The Pushkinskaya-10 Art Centre. One of the founders of Free Culture Society professional creative union and the Museum of Nonconformist Art. Since 1994 he is President of Free Culture Society. Participated in a number of exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are in collections of Russian and American museums and in private collections. Chief Consultant of The Museum of Nonconformist Art. Member of The Art Critics' Association, member of The Creative Union of Art Historians and Art Critics of the Countries of the CIS.