Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya

Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya was born in former Soviet Union and studied physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and philology at Moscow State Humanitarian University. Her Ph.D. degree is on Russian experimental poetry.

Tatiana is author of twelve books in Russian, including Introduction to the Literature of Formal Restrictions and Labyrinths of Combinatorial Literature, and co-editor of the anthology, Freedom of Restriction. Her poetry in English appeared in: Can I tell you a secret?, Across the Russian Wor(l)d, Bridges, London Grip, POEM, Rochford Street Review, and Journal of Humanistic Mathematics.

Tatiana is an exhibiting visual artist with a number of collective and personal exhibitions. Tatiana is interested in mathematical forms in arts, in writing and creating art objects on formal language and literary restrictions.

She co-organized the Mathematics and Arts seminar, GolosA (Voices) Festival of Combinatorial Poetry, and Festival Symmetry Literary Session.

Tatiana was a guest International Writers’ and Translators’ House, Ventspils, Latvia (November 2016) and The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Ireland (December 2017).


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Literary Publications in English
Arc. Celestial Date // Dark Sky Dreaming. An Inland Skywriters Anthology. Ed. by Merrill Findlay. Interactive Press, Brisbane, October, 2019. Pp.11-12,
Poems from Simpson Desert – Dvoetochie, 32, 2019,
The Last Alexandrian Mathematician – Not Very Quiet, Issue 4, March 2019,
Three poems – Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review. 2018, Volume 6, Issue 1,
Brother – Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review Winter 2019,
Up the Road with a Hen in the Basket – Cagibi, Issue 2, 2018,
After the name of the city – The Esthetic Apostle. March 2018,
World Poetry Almanac. Ed. Hadda Sendoo, Mongolia, 2018.
Translations of Marianna Kiyanovska poems (together with Maria Galina): by hand / to live and to live so / the woman you loved / they swallowed air as soil. POEM International English Language Quarterly. 2017. Vol 5, N1. Pp.61-65.
Translations of Galina Kruk poems (together with Maria Galina): almost all dreams of that summer / A Woman Named Hope. POEM International English Language Quarterly. 2017. Vol 5, N1. Pp.58-60.
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‘Abecedary of Despair’ poem and translations of poems by Y.Satunovsky, S.Zhadan and V.Aristov – Rochford Street Review,
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Translation of Victor Krivulin’s poems - Four Centuries. Russian Poetry in Translation, 14, 2016, pp.24-31
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By the father’s order sent to the school of Mathematics… (number ? poems); G/MAZE; Old Chair . Poetry Folder, the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Vol 2, No 2, July 2012, pp.48-52.
By early morning… - Systematization of Water on the Edge of the World. Moscow Zverev Centre of Contemporary Art, 2009, p.9.

Main Literary Publications in Russian
Листья эвкалипта. Письма из Австралии российским политзаключенным. Сидней: Антиподы, 2019, 180 сс.
Монстры Австралии. М: Авигдор, 2018. 72 стр.
Сквозь слоистое стекло. Киев: Каяла, 2019. 240 сс.
Зеркала Кносса. (В.Хазин. Каталоги Телегона; Т.Бонч-Осмоловская. Колыбельная для Кассифоны). Лабрис, 2017. 158 стр.
Развилка. Повести и рассказы. Харьков: Фабула, 2017. 480 стр.
Истоки истины. Москва: Арт-Хаус Медиа, 2015. 216 стр.
Противоядие. Естественная история. – в сб. Антология странного рассказа. Сост. С.Шаталов. Харьков: Фолио, 2012, cc.9-28.
Синее зеркало. Черное зеркало. – в сб. Страшные истории о зеркалах. Антология. Сост. И. Мытько. Москва: Время, 2011, cc.45-94, 201-216.
Из точки А. Сб. стихотворений. (с Вс.Власкиным, Н.Крук, Л.Островской). Сидней, 2012. 126 с.
OZ. Рассказы и эссе. Москва: Крымский Клуб, Издательство Независимая Газета, 2012. 112 с.
Идти легко. Сборник рассказов. New York, Stosvet Pres, 2011. 206 c.
Мартовские мозаики. Роман. Москва: Грантъ, 2002. 254 с. (Под именем Татьяна Васильева)
День рождения. Сборник новелл. Москва: Свента, 1998. (Под именем Татьяна Васильева)

Books translated into Russian
Флэнн О’Брайен. Сага о саго, или Из-под почвы до верхушек деревьев (Flann O’Brien. Slattery’s Sago Saga). Иностранная литература, 2-2014, сс. 233-269.
Раймон Кено. Упражнения в стиле (Raymond Queneau. Exercices de style). In: Amusing rhetoric by Raymond Queneau. I. Exercises in style. II. T. Bonch-Osmolovskaya, S. Fedin, S. Orlov. New exercises in style. Moscow: Librokom, 2009. 256 p.
Раймон Кено. Сто тысяч миллиардов стихотворений. (Raymond Queneau. Cent mille milliard de poemes). Москва: Грантъ, 2002.

Multiplication of essences. Collection of essays and reviews. Moscow: Abzats, 2017. 288 pp. In Russian: Умножение сущностей. Cборник эссе и рецензий. Москва: Проект Абзац, 2017. 288 сс.
Labyrinths of combinatorial literature: from palindrome to fractal, electronic book, TEXTONICA, 2016, in Russian: Лабиринты комбинаторной литературы: от палиндрома к фракталу,
Freedom of restrictions: Anthology of contemporary texts based on strict formal restrictions. Coll. and Ed. By T.Bonch-Osmolovskaya and V.Kislov.(in Russian). Moscow: New Literary Observer, 2014. 216 pp. – Свобода ограничения: Антология современных текстов, основанных на жестких формальных ограничениях. Сост. Т.Бонч-Осмоловская, В.Кислов; вступ. ст. Т.Бонч-Осмоловской. Москва: Новое литературное обозрение, 2014, 216 сс.
Introduction into the history of literature of formal restrictions: literature of forms and games from antiquity to our days (in Russian). Samara: Bakhrakh-M, 2009. 560 p. – Введение в литературу формальных ограничений. Литература формы и игры от античности до наших дней. Самара: Бахрах-М, 2009. 560 с.
Amusing rhetoric of Raymond Queneau (in co-authorship with S.N. Fedin, S.A. Orlov, in Russian). Moscow: Librokom, 2009. 256 pp. – Занимательная риторика Раймона Кено (в соавторстве с С.Н. Федин, С.А. Орлов). Москва: Либроком, 2009.
Combinatorial literature. Textbook (in Russian). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies (state university). Moscow: MIPT, 2008. 159 pp. – Комбинаторная литература. Учебное пособие. МФТИ, Москва 2008. 159 сc.

Text book of Russian literature, Year 5, 6, 7. St Alexander Nevsky Russian School (Homebush), 2014.
Symmetry, Volume 25, Number 4 (pp. 291-368), 2014. Guest editor.
Symmetry. Volume 23, Number 1, pages 1-96 (2012). Special edition: Symmetry in Literature.
Antipodes: The second Australian Festival of Russian Traditional and Experimental Literature, (in Russian). Sydney, November-December 2008. 256 pp. – Антиподы. Второй австралийский фестиваль русской традиционной и экспериментальной литературы, Сидней, 2008. 256 c.

Reviewed publications in English in journals, anthologies and collections of articles
Poetry Reading: Poems with mathematics - Symmetry and Social Harmony. 10th Interdisciplinary Symmetry Congress-Festival. Kathleen Lumley College, University of Adelaide, 2016, pp.30-33.
Fractals of ‘the world of the dead – and the damned’ in The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien, Symmetry: Culture and Science, Vol.28, N 4, 2016, pp.373-382
Combating the Russian State Propaganda Machine: Strategies of Information Resistance. Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, vol.1, N 1 (2015), pp. 175-217.
National project for remote teaching of Russian Language in Russia and worldwide using smart technology. Smart Digital Futures 2014. Edited by R. Neves-Silva, G.A. Tsihrintzis, V. Uskov. IOS Press, 2014, p.575-581.
In labyrinths of ‘La Vie: Mode d’Emploi’ by George Perec: Clues to the text – 9th ISIS Congress-Festival ‘Symmetry: Art and Science’ Proceedings, 2013, pp. 70-75.
Dissymmetrical transformations in Avaliani’s poems: in the search for language wonders – Symmetry Festival (Delft, the Netherland) Proceedings, 2013, pp.288-294.
Antisymmetrical Palindromes in Traditional European and Contemporary Russian Poetry – Bridges 2013 (Enschede, the Netherlands) Proceedings, pp.103-110.
Art of PI: Mathematical History and Literary Inspiration – Bridges 2012 Conference Proceedings, Tesselations Publishing: Maryland, USA, 2012, рр. 79-84.
Creation ideas expressed through combinatorial literary forms in Elena Katsyuba’s poetry // Symmetry: Culture and Science. Volume 23, Number 1 (2012). Special edition: Symmetry in literature. Pp. 41-66.
Formal literary constraints in the works of Boris Grinberg // Bridges Coimbra Conference Proceedings. Chief Editors Georges W. Hart and Reza Sarhangi. University of Coimbra, Portugal. 2011, pp. 195-200
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Some aspects of symmetry and dissymmetry in literary texts // Symmetry: Culture and Science, Volume 20, Numbers 1-4 (2009), pp. 437-448.
Entropy and the early poems of Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov // Symmetry: Culture and Science. Volume 18, Number 4 (2007), pp. 337-349.
Fractal Forms in literature // Symmetry: Culture and Science. Volume 16, Number 3 (2005). Pp. 227-236.
Combinatorial Literature: from “ARS MAGNA” of Ramon Llull to “Hundred Thousand Milliard Poems” of Raymond Queneau // Symmetry: Culture and Science, Volume 14-15 (2003). Рр.573-581.

Personal and permanent exhibition
Female Body Alphabet (Personal exhibition, in collaboration with Katya Petetskaya; Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, August 2016)
Permanent exposition of Hanging Mobius Garden, in Flinders Tonsley (Adelaide, Australia)
Logic of Art (personal exhibition in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies; Moscow, Russia, 2009)
Playing with forms and colours (personal exhibition in Computer Art club; Moscow, Russia, 2002)
Following White Rabbit (personal Exhibition in the House of Scientists; Dubna, Russia, 2000)

Participation in Art Exhibitions
Arnolfini Mini[e]MailArt Project (2009-till now)
Sublunar: Translator, Poet, Painter (Rubicon Art Gallery, Melbourne, 2016)
Bridges (Jyvaskyla, Finland, August 2016)
Gagarin mail art (Kaluga, Russia, April 2016)
Joint Mathematical Meeting (Seattle, WA, 2016)
Imagine. Exhibition for 70th John Lennon anniversary (Novosibirsk State Library, 2015)
AusMS (Flinders University, Adelaide, 2015)
Book Fire, (Moscow, Russia, 2015)
3rd European biennale of the book-art (Moscow, Russia, 2014)
GolosA Festival (Cheboksary, Russia, 2014)
Symmetry Festival (Delft, the Netherlands, 2013)
Bridges Conference (Enschede, the Netherlands, 2013)
Joint Mathematics Meetings (San Diego, 2013)
Bridges Conference (Maryland, 2012)
Joint Mathematics Meetings (Boston, 2012)
Visual Reality (ATVP, Sydney 2011)
Unfolding (ATVP, Sydney 2011)
Sign of the Times (ATVP, Sydney 2011)
Alphabet of art (Philadelphia-Moscow, 2011)
Poetry-Art (St Petersburg 2011)
Вентилятор (Санкт-Петербург 2010)
Symmetry Festival (Budapest 2009)
Rhythm of Structure (New York 2009)
Пост-концепт. Смеш-концепт (Москва, 2008)
SupreMADIsm (Moscow 2006)
Symmetry Festival (Budapest 2003)

Artwork on Symmetry Festival Exhibition (Budapest, 2003)
Booknik award at interactive short story contest (Moscow, 2009) for Maishenka short story
International Burlyuk Mark (2009)
Okno literary journal awards (2010)
Shortlist for Sergey Kurekhin award (Russia, 2010) for Systematization of water on the edge of the world, group poetic-art work
Shortlist for Nora Gal literary translation award (2015) for Flann O’Brien translation into Russian
Longlist of Moscow observer, essay on the Sergey Ilyin literary evening (2015)
Winner of Novyi Mir literary contest to the 125th Osip Mandelstam anniversary (2015)
Longlist for Russian Prize, for The origins of the truth collection of short stories (Art-house Media, 2015)

Organizer and curator
On the distant shores – Unification Russian-Australian newspaper literary contest, 2015.
Ukrainian poetry – Internet-conference with Ukrainian poets and translators, Sydney, 25 October 2014
GolosA (Voices) Poetry Festival, Cheboksary, 29-30 March 2014
Mathematic and Art: Symmetry, Structure, Beauty Science seminar – Russian New University, Moscow, February-May 2104
University Poetry Seminar – Russian New University, Moscow, February-May 2104
Festival Symmetry Literary Session – Symmetry Festival, Delft, the Netherland, 2-9 August 2013
Antipodes: Russian Literature in Australia, First Festival of Russian Traditional and Experimental Literature, Sydney, Australia, 2006; Second Festival of Russian Traditional and Experimental Literature, Sydney, Australia, 2008; Third Festival of Russian Traditional and Experimental Literature, Sydney, Australia, 2010-2011; a number of literary events, workshops, lectures, contests and collecting of literary and art works, 2006-2013

Membership in educational, editorial boards and cultural organizations
Antipodes Associates of Australian Russian literature (president and founding member)
Australia and New Zealand Slavists’ Association (ANZSA)
International Symmetry Association (ISA; a/CEO)
Russian Writers’ Union (Russia)
Free Word Association and PEN Moscow (board member, Moscow, Russia)
Another Hemisphere Journal of Literary and Creative Arts Avant-garde (editorial committee)
Articulations literary project (editorial committee)

Art residencies
International Writers’ and Translators’ House, Ventspils, Latvia, 1-28 November 2016
The Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, Ireland, December 4-18 2017
Air Le Parc, France, July 2018
Varuna Writers’ House, Katoomba, Australia, September 3-18, 2018