December 2007

  the circle
the sphere
the spiral
the void
the black
mysterious matter
the sphere of oneness
connecting us all

an astrophysicist says:
'collapsing dark matter
could warp space-time
to form a huge black hole.'



February 25, 2008
12:50 a.m.

  look up
there are no straight lines
in the sky
no cubes floating anywhere

take a walk
in the sky
among spiraling galaxies
surrounded by spinning spheres
shaped by timeless
encrypted mathematical equations

among the unresolved mystery of creation
among planets
in the process of becoming alive
among rings of ice & fire
among exploding energy with flames
among extinct craters & active volcanoes
among vanished world regenerating life

all revolving suspended
in the infinite expanding space
the black on black
hiding stars
a black
more profoundly black
than cosmic black enamel & tar
covering infinity
with the silent echo
of solitude




August 2008

  the world is a sphere
spinning in space
we run around it

with wings
we fly to the moon
to Mars & beyond
on an interstellar journey
through the cosmos
toward infinity

the parallel universe
we reinvent the wheel
the flying machine

Aldo Tambellini. Experimental film-maker, video and multimedia pioneer, writer and poet. Born in Syracuse, New York in 1930, his father from Sao Paolo, Brazil, his mother from Italy. He was taken to Italy at the age of eighteen months where he lived in Lucca (Tuscany). At the age of ten, he was enrolled in art school in Lucca. His neighborhood was bombed during WWII; twenty-one of his friends and neighbors died and he miraculously survived. In 1946, Aldo returned to the United States. With a full scholarship at Syracuse University he received a BFA in Painting, 54 and a Teaching Fellowship at the University of Notre Dame, MFA 59. In 1959, Aldo moved to New York Citys Lower East Side. He founded the underground, counter-culture group, Group Center, which organized alternative ways and non-traditional presentation of the artists work to the public. He pioneered in the video art movement in the late 60s. In 1965, he began painting directly on film beginning his Black Film Series of which, Black TV, (made using both film and video) was the winner of the International Grand Prix, Oberhausen Film Festival, 1969. Simultaneously, Aldo began a series of Electromedia Performances which organically brought together, projected paintings, film, video, poetry, light, dance, sound and live musicians. He founded the Gate Theatre, the only daily public theatre showing avant-garde independent filmmakers and in 1967, he co-founded with Otto Piene, the Black Gate, a second theatre which presented live multi-media (Electromedia) performances and installations. From 1976 to 1984, Aldo was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There he conducted workshops and organized with communicationsphere a series of international interactive Media Communication Projects. Since 84, he has concentrated on poetry and performing his poetry with music and video projection. In 2005 Aldo produced a digital film, Listen which incorporates his anti-war and political poetry, animation/video and film clips. This film won First Place in the Short Experimental Film by an Independent Filmmaker category at the New England Film Festival in October 2005 and at the Syracuse International Film Festival in 2006. In 2007 Aldo was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Syracuse University at the 2007 Syracuse International Film Festival. The same year he received the Keys to the City of Cambridge from Mayor Ken Reeves in recognition of his contribution to the cultural environment of Cambridge. In 2010 Aldo was awarded a Gold medal from the Italian Government, Lucchesi Nel Mondo Organization, in recognition of his lifetime achievement in the Arts.