Three Sisters. A pilot project

The story lines of Chechov’s play Three Sisters and the aboriginal tale of three sisters hardly have anything in common. However the mood, undercurrents, the desperate nostalgia, and human qualities, as well as the social and historical background of both stories and their possible cultural, structural, or psychoanalytical interpretations seem to set the stage for an interesting project.

The connection between two stories creates a reach energy field between Russia vs overseas, old vs new, tradition vs modernity, local vs foreign, centre vs periphery, soul vs machine, etc. It is not just a coincidence. The two tales define two powerful cultural archetypes to which a few large groups in Russia and Australia can strongly relate. We hope that the interplay of the elements of those archetypes, which strangely have so much in common, would induce reflection and push people to create.

The project is meant to help anyone in the search of self-identity, motherland, and meaning of life.

In the framework of the pilot project, which will last for at least half a year or a year, we would like to build up a corpus of works exploring the theme.

For this project we accept and encourage any genres and media works are accepted and encouraged: prose, poetry, essays, graphics, paintings, stage productions, musical compositions, installations, etc.

After the selection process including discussions and meetings with the authors, the pilot phase will result in a permanent Internet resource arranging the works together. In case of success, we plan the next phase of the project, when the submitted works will become a base for a series of literary, theatrical, musical, and social events.

Please send your works applications and suggestions to or Antipodes Association, 23 Belgium St NSW 2210. The works preferably should be in English or Russian (other languages are accepted, but we may not have experts in them).


Gennadi Veremeenko. «Bunyip»